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808 Hair removal equipment Beauty institutions professional hair removal equipment
- Mar 02, 2018 -

Hair removal is very popular nowadays to carry out the beauty beauty items, to carry out hair removal stores may have heard of the 808 hair removal instrument, 808 instruments were carried out painless hair removal freezing permanent hair removal using laser technology, is now the effect of hair removal hair removal instrument instrument today the fastest and most efficient.

808 semiconductor ice spot painless laser hair removal instrument. The 808nm laser is the most suitable laser wavelength for hair removal in Southeast Asia. It is also the most frequent wavelength of hair follicle laser absorption. Therefore, it is the most excellent instrument for hair removal. It is also because the laser is absorbed by the melanin of hair follicles, so the laser absorbed by the epidermis will decrease correspondingly. The stimulation of the capillary and nerve ending in the dermal papilla decreases, and the pain is reduced accordingly.

Like all hair removal devices, the 808 hair removal device or semiconductor laser hair removal instrument can not be used for a single time. Under normal circumstances, if we want to achieve permanent permanent hair, we need 3-6 times of treatment. For the deeper part of hair, for example, armpit and so on, it will be better to take off a bit. The number of hairs is also less. Some customers even need two or three times to permanently lose their hair. For the lighter part of hair, such as lip hair, it is hard to get rid of it, because the color of hair is too shallow, and the absorption light energy is less, which is not enough to coagulate the dermal papilla, so it needs 4-6 removal.