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Attention to the use of IPL machine in summer
- Mar 02, 2018 -

Summer is a season of the year the strongest UV, many choose to use in summer to do IPL rejuvenation friends, because do not understand matters done before and after the skin needs special attention, which leads to the skin effect is not ideal, even suspected beauty instrument problems,

1. to avoid sun exposure or outdoor SPA within the first month of treatment with photorejuvenation.

2. a week before the use of IPL treatment can do dermabrasion, laser, acid skin beauty items.

3. inflamed and purulent skin is not suitable for photorejuvenation.

4. people taking oral A acid, suggested to stop the medicine for 3 months and then start the light skin treatment.

5. people who use the external A ointment or freckle product suggest that the treatment of photorejuvenation is started after 1 weeks of drug withdrawal.

6., if there is light sensitive history, skin lesions or immune system abnormalities, or those who are pregnant or taking special drugs, consult the doctor first and then use the photon rejuvenation instrument to treat photorejuvenation.

When using photorejuvenation instrument to make skin rejuvenation, it will generate inflammation based on photothermal principle, heat the dermal tissue, stimulate the activity of fibroblasts, increase collagen production, reconstruct the skin's frame structure, make skin smooth and tender, and achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation.

1, after the operation immediately with this treatment instrument and micro soft combined with clean skin.

2, we will also cooperate with the product according to the customer's skin condition.

3, after the operation should immediately use micro repair essence mask or mask 701.

4, after use clean water wash, daily sun care micro nano sunscreen.