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HIFU ultrasonic knife equipment
- Mar 02, 2018 -

Occasionally, seeing the deep wrinkles of other people's faces can not help but lose heart, because they will have the day of aging. The face of aging, presumably a lot of people are unwilling to accept, but this is the mark left by the time, no one can stop, but people can think of ways to anti-aging. HIFU ultrasonic knife instrument is a beauty salons better wrinkle effect of an instrument, many people will go to beauty salons use HIFU ultrasonic knife anti-wrinkle anti-aging equipment, but people have a question in mind: HIFU ultrasonic knife instrument effect how?

HIFU ultrasonic knife instrument uses a non-invasive non-invasive skin firming technology, breaking the traditional, high-energy focused ultrasound energy through the skin to the skin deep SMAS layer, resulting in nearly ten thousand condensation points, so that collagen, Immediate contraction of the mediastinum and stimulation of a large number of new collagen and restructuring, build a new collagen fiber network, from the bottom of the skin to enhance the elasticity of the skin, remove all types of wrinkles, firming lift the skin, restore skin luster.


HIFU ultrasonic knife instrument after the first treatment, there will be immediate compact lifting, wrinkle, skin rejuvenation and other effects, in the next 3-6 months can continue to stimulate collagen in the skin constantly new, long-term Stimulates the skin's deep vitality, strengthen the effect of wrinkles. HIFU ultrasonic knife device wrinkle effect is obvious, the effect of a treatment can be maintained for 2-3 years, if the maintenance is good enough, wrinkle retention effect may be longer.


HIFU ultrasonic knife wrinkle device is noninvasive, short-term recovery period, does not affect people's lives and work. HIFU ultrasonic knife device wrinkles can improve the facial contour and skin texture, firming enhance the skin, so facial skin becomes exquisite and shiny.