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Is it safe to depilate the instrument
- Mar 02, 2018 -

First of all, to understand the safety of hair removal equipment, we need to know the principle of hair removal, hair removal, whether it is using a professional hair removal equipment, semiconductor hair removal or multi-functional instrument e light or opt to achieve permanent hair removal hair removal effect is the use of light energy Penetrate the epidermis to reach the hair matrix, absorbed by the melanin in the hair matrix, generate calorific heat coagulation dermal papilla, hair papilla unable to provide nutrition for hair growth.

Is it safe to depilate the instrument? Xiaobian here to tell you that if the normal hair removal procedure is very safe, because the hair removal device treatment head will be equipped with a cooling device to keep the epidermis, usually sapphire cooling device, which protects the skin The epidermis will not be damaged by scald or the like during hair removal. Then there are customers who may ask if so safe why some customers are still burned? This is because: 1, e light type instrument hair removal without placing the filter, which is causing the scalding most of the reasons; 2, sapphire Refrigeration is not completely began to depilation, the boot time is too short, not enough cooling sapphire; 3, the energy is too high. Therefore, it is very important for us to try the temperature first when we are depilating. There are also customers will ask Xiaobian hair removal affect the perspiration it? Xiaobian tell everyone hair removal will not affect the perspiration, because our palms and soles are no hair, you can also sweat through the sweat glands.