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OPT and e light beauty equipment What are the differences
- Mar 02, 2018 -

E and OPT beauty instrument are now commonly used in beauty salons equipment, is the photon beauty instrument is very popular, this instrument can carry out two kinds of hair removal, whitening, freckle spots and other beauty items to. You may think, these two kinds of instruments can be carried out in these projects, and what is the difference between OPT and e light beauty instrument?

If the difference when it comes to OPT and e light beauty instrument, then you should say the two instrument case. E light beauty instrument is strong light, RF RF pulse system and skin cooling technology as a whole, is a multifunctional instrument with higher price, while the OPT is in fact e beauty equipment upgrades, on the basis of the original technology, the increase of OPT technology, the main advantage is stable so that the energy spectrum of the skin to avoid invalid injury, treatment is more safe and effective.

At present, the e light beauty instrument, the first pulse energy is very strong, and the pulse energy is declining, may directly lead to the first pulse of high energy injury skin, subsequent pulse energy attenuation makes the treatment effect is not prominent, so it needs good operators to achieve better therapeutic effect. The flat top square wave technology of OPT beauty treatment has improved the efficiency of treatment, and the patient has almost no pain. Because of its superior comfort, safety and excellent treatment effect, it has received much attention and welcome. Even though the price is higher, it has been recognized by more and more people.

OPT and e light beauty instrument what is the difference? Although OPT instrument than e advanced many, but does not represent the e light beauty equipment is obsolete