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OPT and e light hair removal freezing hair removal what is the difference
- Mar 02, 2018 -

OPT beauty instrument and e light beauty instrument are multifunctional high-end beauty equipment, are based on photonic technology through improved photon beauty instrument, OPT beauty instrument is an upgraded version of e light beauty instrument, the two can be permanent hair removal, then what are the differences between OPT and e light hair removal freezing hair removal, mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1. The principle of work is different

The OPT beauty apparatus uses the perfect pulse energy, the whole energy is balanced and stable, and the deep hair follicle is struck directly, and it will not decline. The e light beauty instrument is of intense pulsed light, after skin energy will weaken the recession, treatment effect of different OPT beauty instrument.

2. The work efficiency is different

OPT beauty instrument square spot, greatly improving the efficiency of hair removal, treatment to avoid the formation of circular e spot overlap, fast moving hair removal. And the seal type E light beauty instrument operation, low efficiency, long hair removal.

3. Different customer experiences

The OPT hairdressing instrument is painless, safe and comfortable, and the surface skin will not be strongly stimulated or burned, and there will be no allergy or redness. E light beauty instrument hair removal tingling, some customers may not adapt to the phenomenon, high energy may also burn the skin.

4. Different times of treatment

OPT beauty meter straight to the hair follicle, the effect is obvious, generally after 3 times of treatment, can achieve complete hair effect. The e light beauty instrument of low energy, the effect is slow, generally require about 6 times to achieve complete treatment, the vast effect of wool.