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SHR freezing point hair removal apparatus scope of application
- Mar 02, 2018 -

1, rejuvenation: improve the skin roughness of forehead, face, arms, abdomen and legs, enhance skin elasticity, SHR painless freezing point hair removal equipment, delicate whitening.

2, skin tight: tighten the eye bag, treatment of black eye. Get rid of crow's feet, neck lines, reducing wrinkles fine lines, lift skin, tighten the skin and restore elasticity, smooth regulation of dark complexion.

3, hair removal: armpit hair, beard, limbs, hair, hair line, etc. affect the appearance of hair bikinis

4, freckle: freckles, chloasma, sunburn, age spots, chloasma, dermal patches, birthmark and some pigmentation.

5, get rid of wrinkles: Sichuan word lines, nasolabial wrinkle, face, forehead, neck, waist, buttocks, legs and other wrinkles.

6, acne: facial, shoulder, chest, waist, hip and other parts of bacterial infection.

7, dispel acne: results boil type acne type of acne, allergic acne, acne, rosacea, acne India pit.

8, remove red blood: congenital redness, peeling redness, red face, erythema, skin allergies and sensitive.

9, improve skin quality: improve skin dry, oily, senescence, color difference and other comprehensive texture problems