Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

1550nm Erbium Yag Fiber Laser Machine The working principle of 1550nm Erbium Laser: The primary effect of this laser is the micro thermal stimulation of the dermis (the second layer of the skin), inducing your body to remodel and form new collagen and elastin, which results in tighter, fresher,...

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Product Details

Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Working theory:

The PicoSecond Laser uses ultra-short pulses (one trillionth of a second in length) to
hit the melanin with a great pressure, the melanin shatters into tiny dust-like particles.
Because the particles are so small, they are more readily absorbed and eliminated by
the body. This can mean better clearance of the melanin and less treatments overall.
PicoSecond Laser is a quick and easy non-surgical, non-invasive laser skin treatment
for the body including chest or decollete, face, hands, legs, and more.



Machine details:



Korean import laser arms.




Chloasma, coffee spots, freckles, sunburn, age spots, nevus of ota, etc
Acne scars
Skin whitening, fine lines removal
All color of tattoo remove


Parameter :

Laser Type

Picosecond laser

Laser Wavelength

532nm ,1064nm,755nm

Laser output


Pulse width


Cooling system

Wind and Air Cooling

Working Frequency

1-10Hz adjustable

Spot diameter

1-10mm adjust


Advantages of q switched nd yag laser picosecond

1.More convenient design : Latest separate design, Net weight is half compared to original pico laser machine, easier to transport and treat.
2.Special design : Compare with normal q switch laser machine, OD-PL6 q switch pico laser machine has special designed treatment tip - the picosecond laser honeycromb tip can offer painless and fast skin rejuvenation, lighten wrinkle, pigments etc
3.More effective : Very effective for melasma, red tattoos, green tattoos removal, Better treatment effect than ordinary nd yag laser.
4.Competitive price: Only half the price of ordinary optical Q- switch machine, Lower investment, higher return for you .


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