Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

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Laser Tattoo Removal Machine


Working way
1.Q-switched Nd:yag laser applies the explosion effect of laser, which can permeate the cuticle efficiently to the pigment mass in the derma.
2.The laser pulses in nanosecond range with very high energy. When the laser is absorbed by according pigment,
the pigment mass expands quickly and breaks into particles which are eliminated through phagocytes.
3.Whereby the shattered pigment is absorbed by the body and excreted out.
4.Gradually the pigment becomes lighter and lighter till disappearing.



1. No harm to the hair follicle and normal skin, leaving no scar.            

2. Short treating time and easy operation.                                                       

3.The high quality controlled solid-state laser complying with international standard      

4. Computerized with big LCD and show in double language: English and Chinese.    

5.Tiny sense of pain, anesthesia is unnecessary. in most cases, no side effect                   

6. strong cooling + plug and play handle 



laser tattoo machine is specially designed for the following functions:
-Remove tattoos of different colors
-Wash blue, black embroider eyebrow
-Wash red soak lip
-Remove freckle, age pigment and coffee spot
-Remove taitian lentigines and birthmark



Laser type: ND: YAG solid-state; Q-switch
Wavelength: 1064nm \ 532nm
Energy level: 100-2000mj (adjustable)
Laser pulse duration: 6ns
Pulse rate: 1-10 Hz
Net weight: 17kg
Power requirement: AC 220V/110V, 50 Hz.
Cooling system: Thermal &Electric cooled built-in circle water-cooled air cooled


Package and delivery:









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