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Advantages Of CO2 Fractional Laser Machine
- Mar 02, 2018 -

CO2 dot matrix laser therapeutic apparatus adopts 10600nm wavelength and super pulse, dot matrix, and many other treatment modes. It has both the fast and significant effect of invasive treatment, and has the advantages of non-invasive side effects and short recovery time. It integrates the advantages of the two. The advantage of the CO2 dot matrix laser therapeutic instrument is that the dots are evenly averaged on the skin to create tiny pores, which will lead to a series of new biochemical reactions of skin collagen, so as to achieve the effects of anti aging, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation and removing the stain.

Advantage of CO2 dot matrix laser therapeutic apparatus

1. full wavelength power

The CO2 dot matrix laser therapeutic apparatus is more powerful than traditional laser. It can directly reach the deep dermis of human face and skin, and repair the dermal tissue of the injured part, so that the dermis will produce more collagen and rearrange it, and play the role of skin rejuvenation.

2. miraculous treatment without harm

The use of CO2 dot matrix laser therapeutic instrument is laser, ultra pulse treatment mode system combined with a variety of modes, using the laser ablation of tissue on the skin, can play a diameter of 120-1200 micron pore, hole spacing of 500 microns, these pores can be closed in one day after treatment, it is difficult to see with the naked eye rarely, oozing, bleeding and infection.

3. customizable personalized treatment scheme

The CO2 dot matrix laser therapy instrument can customize the individualized treatment plan according to individual needs. At the time of treatment, the diameter and depth of the micropores are adjustable. In all lasers, only the therapeutic range of the dot matrix laser can be regulated by 5-100%, and a single treatment can produce a significant effect.

4. attestation of national security

Because of the strong penetration of the CO2 dot matrix laser therapy instrument, the wound is small, and the dot matrix micropores are evenly covered, and the overlap of the spot is avoided. So it is the most suitable laser for comprehensive treatment to make your skin smooth and smooth.

5.3-6 days, the skin can be recovered

At the time of treatment, laser direct penetration to form a matrix shaped white spot. These small spots around the skin immediately start the lateral repair mechanism, in 8 hours within the skin will be fully healed, can wash face, bathing. About 3-6 days, the white crusts fall off, the skin to restore normal appearance. The internal collagen can be regenerated for up to 6 months, or even 6 years.