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CO2 Laser Dot Matrix Laser Treatment
- Mar 02, 2018 -

Lattice laser is the last two years is also the skin of the world's concern zui new skin beauty technology. Lattice laser treatment instrument compared to the traditional laser, more powerful, can reach the deep dermis of human facial skin, stimulate the damaged part of the dermis to repair, make the dermis produce more collagen and rearrange, play a rejuvenation effect .


Lattice both invasive and rapid treatment of aggressive effects, but also has the advantages of non-invasive treatment of small side effects, short recovery time, the advantages of both set as one. The technology in removing scar, especially for the treatment of hypertrophic scars, pock and stretch marks, even more disdain for similar products. co2 dot matrix laser CO2 laser light and heat effects to the treatment of women in private parts so damaged collagen fibers, elastic fibers, such as remodeling, vaginal wall thickened vaginal tightening.