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Laser Hair Removal Equipment Is Not Good?
- Mar 02, 2018 -

Hair removal is the preferred development project for many beauty offices because of the large demand of customers. But no contact with the hair removal customers may be doubtful. What is the depilatory effect of laser instrument?

At present, hair removal methods are: razor, eyebrow clip, depilatory creams, beeswax, electrotherapy and laser, the laser is only electrotherapy and permanent hair removal, the other can only achieve the hair removal effect in a period of time after the re growth. In the electrotherapy and laser, only the laser instrument is really painless, and the efficiency of hair removal is high. Therefore, it can be said that all the hair removal methods are the best way to remove hair from optical instruments, which can not only remove all other hair loss methods for all skin groups.

Laser hair removal instrument that ok? See above customers already have a general understanding, we are more concerned about the next step is the price, for now there are two main categories of instruments permanently off the hair according to the technical classification, respectively, laser hair removal device with e light hair removal device, which is used for professional the latter is a multifunctional hair removal instrument which has the function of hair removal instrument. In these two series of instruments, high and low end grades are available, so the price is 1-2 000, and there are 10 tens of thousands of them. You can choose according to the situation of your regional customers.