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The Fast Characteristics Of The SHR Ice Point Depilatory System
- Mar 02, 2018 -

1. The repetition rate of 10Hz is

The speed of the traditional hair removal laser is 3-5 times. Ice laser hair removal system can easily slip in the hair removal area, as fast as razor shaving. 

2. The painless characteristics of the ice point depilatory system

3. The ice point depilatory system only needs a maximum of 10J per square centimeter to achieve the effect of hair removal. There is no feeling of pain, only a slight warm feeling.

The unique ice point hair removal brings the quick and painless hair removal experience, the hair removal is safe and fast, the ice point is depilatory without scar, and feels like the breeze. The freezing point hair removal technology is based on the classic semiconductor laser hair removal technology, which is more targeted on the skin characteristics of Asians. With the latest technology, the best wavelength and the fastest way, SHR ice point hair removal is safe and painless, reaching the hair follicle deeply, and effectively absorbed by melanin in hair follicles. Let the beauty be in comfort, through the ice point dehairing easily experience the light and clean effect of "light".

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