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What Are The Advantages Of The 808nm Diode Laser Machine ?
- Mar 02, 2018 -

For hairdressing institutions, hair removal is a very hot item now. In the past, hair removal methods not only had strong pain, but also easy to grow more hair, so repeated and annoying. 808, professional hair removal equipment can achieve the freezing point of painless hair removal, give customers more comfortable hair removal experience, hair removal effect is good and permanent, is the beauty department necessary hair removal equipment.

1, depilate and whiten skin

The laser wavelength of semiconductor laser at the same time stimulates the skin collagen, makes skin smooth and tender, and completes the skin once.

2, the safety of hair removal, care of the skin

The semiconductor hair removal instrument has a unique sapphire contact cooling technology, which acts on the dark hair and does not damage the skin completely.

3, perpetual hair removal, once and for all

The laser wavelength can reach the root of the hair follicle, destroy the hair follicle, and achieve the permanent hair removal effect.

Hair removal for the beauty institutions, has always been a popular beauty items, especially during the spring and summer, the hair will be more and more, many traditional hair removal methods, but the pain to repeatedly, no doubt to the hair removal people increases the tax burden now has an Shuoke and 808 semiconductor laser instrument, and seems to let hair removal not so painful