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What Are The Good Hair Removal Equipment Worth Recommending?
- Mar 02, 2018 -

Hair removal is a popular beauty project for beauty salons, and more and more people choose beauty salons for hair removal, mainly because the traditional hair removal methods are strong in pain and are not clean. In order to make the hair removal more successful, the beauty salon will choose the depilatory instrument to carry out the hair removal project. What are the best depilatory devices to recommend?

Semiconductor laser hair removal instrument is a professional hair removal instrument recognized, removal of customer experience better, to achieve permanent hair removal painless, painless hair removal is currently Zui advanced technology, WHO was assessed for removal of gold standard; another photon hair removal instrument technology must be the beauty salon as common photon and E light, also can achieve painless permanent hair removal, function is still relatively small, is worth buying beauty equipment.

Photon hair removal instrument is commonly used to beauty salons, beauty equipment, IP photorejuvenation and e light beauty instrument belongs to this series. Photon hair removal instrument is mainly the use of selective photothermolysis, photons penetrate the skin to a hair follicle, hair follicles absorb light into heat energy, laser heat after temperature rise instantaneously, hair tissue by laser damage, damage to the normal skin tissue will not be painless, in order to achieve permanent hair removal purposes.

Are there any good hair removal instruments that are worth recommending? Hair removal instrument common purchasing salon, is not an easy thing, often need to see the following: business license manufacturers, production certificate and other certificates are not fully equipped; technical training is not perfect and effective promotion planning; is not able to bear the customer service service matters, is not on the customer's customer service tracking timely and effective; is not able to provide instrument accessories and spare parts of imported equipment, must understand the price of future replacement parts, etc..