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What Is The IPL Machine?
- Mar 02, 2018 -

The photorejuvenation is called IntensePulsedLight (IPL), which is translated directly by strong pulse light. Although it is also light, it is not the same as the laser. The laser is a fixed wavelength, while the strong pulse light can emit a variety of wavelengths at the same time. In addition, the laser energy is higher, it has some damage to the skin, but the effect of the single treatment is better. And strong light energy to be a little weaker, less skin damage to a lot of skin problems can have some improvement. In simple terms, the laser is highly targeted and has a wide range of intense light therapy.

The photorejuvenation instrument is based on the following 2 principles:

1) the theory of selective photothermal

It is the large absorption of the pigment group to a particular light, Zui. For example, the hemoglobin in our blood is very light absorption to 585nm, so the high heat after absorption will cause hemoglobin to break up, which will lead to the rupture of blood vessels, thereby improving the effect of red blood. Melanin is the same. For example, the melanin particles in the freckles absorb more heat, and high calorie results in the decomposition of melanin particles, and Zui eventually improves the effect of the spot.

2) biological stimulation

After the strong light enters the dermis, it can make the inner molecular structure of the collagen and elastic fibers of the dermis undergo chemical changes and restore the elasticity.  In addition, the light and heat produced by strong light can enhance the function of blood vessels and improve the circulation. There will be some effects of reducing pores and eliminating superficial wrinkles.

Because of the wide coverage of its waveband, Photorejuvenation instrument can eliminate freckles, skin rejuvenation, brighten complexion, improve telangiectasia and even remove hair and remove pox. Besides face, these problems can be solved by photon.

However, everything is not perfect. The advantage of the photorejuvenation instrument is that it is more useful and cost-effective, and is suitable for small and medium beauty salons, and because the therapeutic effect is mild.