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Why 808 Semiconductor Laser Hair Removal Instrument Effective?
- Mar 02, 2018 -

For hair removal, people usually use hair scraping, depilation cream, hair removal wax and other methods to remove hair, but the consequences of hair removal are not getting rid of body hair but thicker. So the beauty salon is now using the advanced 808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument, and the 808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument is a very safe laser hair removal equipment, which also has the effect of whitening and skin rejuvenation for the human body. So why is the 808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument good?

808, the semiconductor laser hair removal instrument applies selective photothermal action. The laser penetrates the skin to reach the hair follicle tissue. The light energy selectively absorbs light energy in the hair follicle melanin as target tissue, and the hair follicle temperature rises sharply, destroying the hair follicle tissue and losing the hair gradually.  The 808 semiconductor laser hair removal apparatus mainly has the following advantages:

1, safe and calm: laser pulsed light directly hits hair follicle melanin, and the epidermis absorbs less energy, so it does not lose the surrounding tissues, and produces no inflammation or melanin.

2, suitable for high efficiency wavelength, wavelength: 808 with square treatment spot 12 mm can penetrate to the deep dermis and subcutaneous fat tissue, skin deep in different position and depth of the hair follicle, fast growth and stimulate collagen to completely remove any part of the body and the depth of the hair;

3, the rapid freezing technology, painless: a unique dynamic freezing protection system, so that the skin epidermis to cool to 5 degrees, effectively protect the skin from injury, feel refreshing, no burning pain.

4, hair removal once and for all: well-designed laser pulses can enter the dermis directly, and be absorbed by melanin granules in hair and hair follicles, resulting in photothermal effect, which destroys hair follicle and hair shaft and produces permanent hair removal.

Skin hair removal: aggregation of all the advantages of the traditional shooting two birds with one stone freezing hair removal, powerful SPA function, not only can the skin whitening firming skin hair removal.